Rename files with sequential numbering

Hello Everyone,

In this post, I want to talk about a helper tool that I made recently in python.

There are some unfortunate times during work hours where we realize that we have to rename all the files in a folder with a common name appended with numbers in sequential order, for example, data_packet_01.txt, data_packet_02.txt ….. data_packet_0n.txt, etc. This can eventually become a timekiller if you start doing it manually. It can be even more frustrating if you are starting out your day’s tasks with such a repetitive activity.

I decided to write a small python script with a small userfriendly graphical user interface with two buttons – one for browsing your file path and the other to start renaming files. Also, he GUI has two text entry boxes where in the first one you would enter your unique string and it the second you enter the number with which the sequence should start with. For example, if you want to rename all the files like “img_20, img_21 … img_30”, then you need to enter the string part in the 1st text box ( img) and the numeric part in the second text box (20 in this case) and click the start conversion button, withing no time the tool renames all of your files.

I hope this tool may help someone struggling with doing this kind of an activity manually, unable to get any help. I am attaching the link to download the executable, please do try using it and share your valuable feedbacks.

Download here:

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