Photoshop Layercomps to PNGs – A bulk, recursive export

Hello everyone,

This post is about a new automation tool I made recently in python. This tool connects with photoshop files(.psd) and exports all the layer comps into PNG files, recursively.

If you have used photoshop layer comps while working with a huge number of PSD files inside multiple folders, you know its a pain in the butt to open each photoshop file and export the required layer comp into PNG. Recently in one of the projects I was working with huge no of photoshop files that contained multiple layer comps as input graphics for me. I needed to see each layer comp, export it to PNG/JPEG inorder to actually use it. As you know it turned out to one of the very big time killing tasks I ever did.

I came up with this tool in which you need to select the root folder using a browse button and click the export button to export all the layer comps into PNGs all the photoshop documents inside your root folder and subfolders – recursively. Once it worked out for me, I ran this tool overnight to get all the png files from the root directory, the results were good and I hope it would help someone also struggling to do the same, manually. I am sharing the executable here. Please try it out and let me know your valuable suggestions. In upcoming posts, I will be explaining how I used pythons – Tkinter, and photoshop connection libraries to build this tool.

download here:

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