Rename files recursively

Hello everyone,

In this post, I would like to tell you about a utility tool that I built recently to automate one of the repetitive tasks I encountered recently.

There are often situations in our day to day work where we need to adhere to some filename standards of clients, like ” all small case” or “no space in-between” or ” camelcase” etc. Recently I got into a situation where I wanted all filenames inside my root directory to be in small case letters. There were multiple files inside multiple folders and it was quite foolish to do it manually. So what I came up with was to create a small GUI in python where you have a button to select your root directory and another button to convert all filenames inside the root directory, recursively searching inside all sub-folders. This is a quite small but very helpful tool to sanity checks on your filename standards very quickly. I would explain in the later posts, How I used the Tkinterface GUI library which is inbuilt in python to accomplish this task. Please feel free to use this executable and let me know your valuable suggestions.

Download Here:

See you in the next post..!

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